A symbol on your packs, for you and future generations

Progressively as from late 2005, you will see this symbol appearing on the packs of soaps, detergents, and maintenance products in your country.

What does it mean?

The industry has started a new Europe-wide scheme, the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning, to promote sustainability among companies making detergents and other household and professional cleaning products. This will help safeguard people�s health and safety and protect the environment for future generations.

Wherever you see the Charter symbol(s) on a detergent or cleaning product, it means the company is committed to this scheme.

How can you contribute?

Some common information is provided on-pack to give you tips to use products safely and in a more environmentally-friendly way.

You can click on the links for more information or to get advice on these tips!

You may see the following variants of the main symbol — these can be applied under the same conditions but for specific product categories.

Industrial & Institutional floor applications Others