The A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

How to join?

Ordinary Members
How to apply for the Charter?

Manufacturing companies wishing to participate in the Charter start by filling out the electronic application form. This will give access to the Charter Training Area where companies can self-assess and prepare themselves for the Charter Entrance Check, to be carried out by an accredited verifier.

The official commitment to the Charter will only take place once A.I.S.E. has been notified by an accredited verifier of the successful Entrance Check.


Committing to the Charter means that the participating companies adhere to the principles of the Charter and to the Charter policies in three domains: economic, social and environmental. But more importantly, it means that a participating company has committed to implement a number of concrete Charter activities:

1. Implement the CSPs and allow an external verifier to check compliance
2. Report to A.I.S.E. on an annual basis a set of KPIs
3. Allow an external verifier to check whether the reporting on the KPIs is being carried out correctly
4. Implement the ASPs as desired by the company and allow an external verifier to check compliance

 Steps  Charter website & extranet access  Activity by Company  Verification
1 Available from the Home part of the website INFORMATION:
Company gains information /briefing on the Charter (through its National Association, via a briefing, via the A.I.S.E. Charter website)
Company is interested to carry-out a self-assessment, but not commit officially yet so "applies" (through the electronic application form) and indicates its contact details on the Extranet to obtain access to it.
3a Company has access to the training section of the Charter extranet Company trains for the implementation of the Essential Charter Sustainability Procedures (CSPs) via the extranet.
Company has verified internally its compliance with the Essential Charter Sustainability Procedures and wishes to take part in the Charter.
=> Company calls for "external" verification for the Charter Entrance Check (though the "Apply for Entrance Check")
3b Company has access to the training section of the Charter extranet (Company pays for the visit by the external verifier and provides evidence of implementation of each CSP). Charter Entrance Check
An external verifier comes and checks whether the company has installed the Essential Charter Sustainability Procedures.

All activities are implemented & OK = Charter Entrance Check is successful=
the company can now become an "official" Charter participant.
Company wants to formalise its participation in the Charter, and applies for admission.
Company signs official commitment letter and licence for use of the Charter visuals and sends both to the A.I.S.E..
5 Company is an official "Charter member" ; has access to further parts of the Charter extranet section providing Charter visuals, KPI section etc Company becomes an "Ordinary Charter Member" and can start using the A.I.S.E. Charter logo on its corporate material and on its packs.
+ Company has committed itself to report before a certain date, its annual data on the Key Performance Indicators via the protected Charter Extranet (with that, it can also benchmark its own data against the aggregated total EU data for info/reference).

(This step is only applicable to Charter update 2010 members):

Company considers whether to apply ASP to its products and checks compliance with ASP (and possible ESC) requirements

Company checks via the ASP compliance check tool and as appropriate, via the ESC tool and whether product fulfils the ASP requirements. In case product fulfils the ASP requirements, company can use the Charter ASP logo on packs of products, fulfilling ASP requirements.
7   (A.I.S.E. pays for the visit by an external verifier; company provides evidence of proper reporting on KPIs and compliance with ASP). External verifier controls proper reporting on KPIs and compliance with ASP on random basis.
8   Company implements the Additional CSPs within 3 years of entry. This Additional CSP Check will continue to be performed every three years. Company pays for the visit by the external verifier and provides evidence of implementation. External verifier comes and checks whether the complementary CSPs have been implemented.

Associate Members
A.I.S.E. recognises that distributors, retailers, importers and other organisations place detergents and maintenance products on the market, under their own name but not manufactured by them, share the same interest as manufacturers in promoting sustainability, and will have an important role in contributing to the success of the Charter.

Therefore the Charter scheme specifically offers such non-manufacturing organisations a simple route to participate, via the Associate Charter membership.

Associate members are allowed to use the Charter logo only on those products which have been manufactured by fully signed-up Ordinary Members of  the Charter.

Distributors wishing to use the Charter symbol will be asked to
1. Comply with the conditions set out in the Charter distributors clarification note (see also summary presentation)
2. Sign an Associate Membership Agreement (AMA) and 2x a Licence Agreement granting the appropriate permissions and return those to A.I.S.E.
3. Fill out annexes (for products with Charter company logo and/or forproducts with Charter ASP logo) and send those signed via mail to A.I.S.E. in order to identify the products Associate members are distributing bearing the Charter logo or ASP logo. Only those products mentioned in this annex have the right to bear the logo.