The A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning


External and independent verification guarantees that all applicant companies are individually assessed on the same basis by a neutral, professional auditing body.

Before a manufacturing company can join the Charter, it is visited by an external, independent verifier who must be satisfied that the company has the required CSPs in place, under control, and adequately applied.

This verification process is part of the Charter Entrance Check and is designed to follow a well-defined path, directing attention in turn to each of the critical sustainability elements.

All requirements under the CSPs are rated and recorded by the independent verifier via a secured website called the Charter extranet. Such verifications form an integral part of the Charter. At the Entrance Check stage the company will be verified on the 'Essential CSPs', and at the first re-verification after three years the 'Additional CSPs' are added to the verification requirement. Verifications on all CSPs continue every three years subsequently. Safeguards are built in to ensure that neither the verifier nor A.I.S.E. can be influenced whilst the checks are being carried out.

Through the Charter extranet, A.I.S.E. provides training modules so that companies can assess, improve and test themselves on their performance prior to the actual audit.

In addition to the CSP checks, the annual reporting on KPIs is also verified each year through a system of random audits of reporting companies, again by an independent external verifier.

A.I.S.E. has commissioned the external verifier, SGS, to check the data gathering processes used for the collection of KPI data by Charter companies. The verifier verifies that the company's KPI data collection processes are well established and reliable and can be applied consistently from year to year.

Similar external verification will also be conducted in the context of Charter 2010 and its additional ASP system (the product dimension). Random verifications of the appropriate implementation of the different ASP requirements will be conducted.


List of accredited verifiers for the Entrance Check and Additional CSP Checks 

BM Trada  BM Trada website
Bureau Veritas Certification Germany GmbH Bureau Veritas Certification website
Bureau Veritas Italy Bureau Veritas website
Certiquality Certiquality website
CSI S.p.a CSI website
CSQA Certificazioni CSQA website
DNV GL DNV GL website
DQS GmbH DQS GmbH website
Dr. Willi Bethaeuser  Dr. Willi Bethaeuser website
DS Certificering DS Certificering website
Happy Note Ltd Happy Note website
Lloyd's Register Lloyd's Register website
OFC (Organisme FranC'ais de Certification) OFC website
QualityMasters Quality Masters website
SGS SGS website
TUEV Austria Deutschland GmbH TUEV Austria Deutschland GmbH website
Umweltgutachter Dipl.-Ing. Henning von Knobelsdorff H. von Knobelsdorff website